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Claudia A while ago I got a CG v1 body with only half of one arm and without lower legs. The remaining joints were like new so I did not want to drop this body in my spares box.
I had just fitted the body with a new left arm when a fellow MWD member mentioned his intention to discard a figure because of a broken ankle, so I fitted the body with a cute FemBasix head, dressed her and took the picture on the right to try and show that a Girl does not need to have two hands and two feet to look cute and be attractive.

Repairs and enhancements

broken CG v1 body As an experiment I wet-sanded the body with grade 2000 polishing paper, turning the glossy surface into a lovely silky skin-like texture.
Then I made a new left arm.
After that I fitted a cute FemBasix head and named her Claudia.
To enhance the expression on her face, I lined the edges of her lower eyelids with brown acrylic paint.

The next thing I did was completing her right arm by carefully opening up her upper arm, replacing the broken joint with a modified Armoury joint and fitting a lower arm.
I did a lot of measuring and test-fitting whilst making her arms and even more to work out what legs to fit her and so I grew ever more fond of this little cutie.

Special boots

Sofar I still had to find her some lower legs that I could fit without having to perform major surgery on her upper legs.
In the meantime I kept Claudia propped up in my 'projects' box, as she could not stand and I didn't have a good place for her to sit either.
Then I got this idea to make her some custom boots that would allow her to stand unsupported.
I had not done any sewing in a long time, so this was a nice simple first project.

The slightly curved soles of the boots make that it takes some effort to put her in a balanced pose, but once she is in balance it is quite cool to see how well she stands, it worked out even better than I expected (she stands unsupported in every picture, no glue, no stand, no tricks).

A hook for a hand

Claudia standing When I made the boots, I did not have a proper right hand for her, all I had left were fists, flat karate hands and odd stuff like that, so to stick with the 'disabled' theme I made her a split metal hook.
The hook is functional, so she can hold (pinch) objects with it, making her actually more able than the other Cool Girls. The hook pops right in and out of the arm, just like a CG hand does.

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Member SinceFeb 14th 2007
bodyCG v1
headFemBasix Lia, fair skin, brown hair
remarksmodified LM left arm,
Armoury lower right arm
sanded upper body
DIY lower legs
DIY bootsleeves

Claudia looking hot in pleather shorts In the meantime I got some more spare CG hands, so now she has two proper CG hands.

Just the way she is

Claudia leaning against my PC Once I had her standing on my shelf for a couple of months, I decided not to change Claudia any further (apart from finding her a pair of genuine CG hands). It looked like fitting new lower legs would require major surgery to her upper legs and I had not come up with a way to do this without causing serious damage to her upper legs.

I'm particularly fond of Claudia because I had to do a lot of things for the first time on her: my first bit of face painting, first time I opened up and replaced body parts, first time I sanded a body, first time (in ages) that I did some sewing...
So she helped me gaining the experience (and confidence) I needed to do repairs and modifications on figures.

She's cute, she's beautiful and she can pose just as well as the other Girls so she deserves a place on my Cool Girls shelf rather than being tossed in a spares box like a broken toy.
Besides, what's wrong with being different anyway ?

I put some more pictures of Claudia on a separate page.

If you ask me, Claudia turned out to be the coolest of my Cool Girls !

New left arm

Initially I made a new arm out of sections of Plastruct tubing with a Yellow Submarine ball-shaped joint for the elbow joint.
The arm worked well, but is noticably slimmer than a CG v1 arm and building up the shape with putty or clay would add so much weight that the joints would no longer hold their pose, so I removed the arm again and adapted it some more (changed the shoulder joint to accept the larger fixed pin of an LM shoulder) to fit to an Armoury or generic LM-type body.
Claudias next left arm came from a spare Armoury body. The shoulder joint had to be modified to match the CG shoulder hinge. The elbow joint of this arm only bends through 90 degrees, so when I later got a spare generic LM body I replaced the Armoury arm with the LM arm, which has a double jointed elbow with a full range of motion. As with the Armoury arm, the LM shoulder joint had to be modified (adding a separate hinge pin) to fit the CG v1 shoulder disc.

Making the boots

Claudia sitting on her skateboard I made the base of each boot out of a cork from a wine bottle, sliced in half.
I carved the top (inside) of each base to match the exact shape of her broken knees.
These bases already provided enough support to let her stand upright even before I added the boot sleeves.
The boot sleeves were made out of mock leather and were glued around the cork base with a tiny nail added to each corner to keep the edges from working loose.
I did the stitching along the edges of the sleeves by hand, part of the stitching is just for show but the pieces of velcro and one side of the flap are firmly stitched to the sleeves.
The boot sleeves wrap around her legs and close with velcro for a good snug fit. The velcro strips are both stitched and attached with textile glue to the sleeves.

New legs

DIY lower legs It took a while before I realized that I could make a pair of lower legs in the same way as I made the DIY arm: using Plastruct tubing (type TB12, 9.5mm outside diameter) and Yellow Submarine ball-shaped joints (type PPC-T13, 10mm diameter) for knees.
Even better: the pin of the knee joints could be push-fitted into the upper legs, for that I only needed to drill a small hole in the end of each leg, no major surgery required !
Making the legs turned out even easier than I thought it would be: the lower leg is basically a tall ankle cup with a piece of vinyl tubing in the upper end. The vinyl tubing makes for a tight fit of the pin of the knee joint: it can still rotate but it won't come loose.

First tentative steps on her new lower legs To fit the new lower legs to Claudia's upper legs I carefully drilled a 3.5mm hole through the broken axial hinge rods in the thighs (similar to this picture from the Knee Repair page). Then I put some thin shrinkable tubing over the pin of each knee joint to ensure a firm fit to the leg and push-fitted the knee joint to the upper leg. That's all !

The final step was to make her some knee-high boot sleeves. The ball joints in her knees become visible whenever her knees are bent, so I added cuffs to the boot sleeves to hide the ball joints from view.
Before I fitted the boot sleeves I padded her lower legs with thin plastic foam sheet to make the legs look more natural.
With custom bootsleeves and some padding, she looks great on her new lower legs

Some time later I noticed that the skintone colored version of the Yellow Submarine ball-shaped joints (nr. PPC-T10) are a close match to the skin tone of her body, so I replaced the white knee joints with less conspicuous skin tone colored joints.

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