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Here I've posted some pictures that might be useful to car modelers.
Click on a picture to get a full size picture in a new window.

Mazda Rx-7
634x481, 34kB
European 1981 Rx-7 FB dashboard, note that there is no radio fitted.
This picture shows what the original Clarion radio looks like.
The switches for the mirrors and fuel filler lid release tended to swap places during production.
Picture scanned from a Dutch 1981 Mazda RX-7 sales brochure.
800x540, 73.9kB
Dashboard of 2001 RX-7 FD RZ.
Note red stitching, kneepad on center console, perforated metal pedals, perforated foot rest for passenger and black-on-white dials.
Picture copied from website.
800x529, 98.2kB
Dashboard of 2001 RX-7 FD Type R Bathurst R.
Note switch for damper settings forward of shift knob (unique to 2001 Bathurst R version) and use of lightweight carbon reinforced plastic (real, no fake decals) for shift knob, hand brake handle and panels.
Picture copied from website.
More Mazda RX-7 interior pictures can be found on a separate page.
800x566, 80kB
View of separate 12A engine from early Rx-7 SA with accessories and gearbox fitted.
Mazda publicity picture found on website.
640x624, 95kB
View of separate 13B Twin scroll Turbo engine from early RX-7 FC with accessories and intercooler fitted.
Picture copied from website.
450x381, 42kB
View of separate 13B REW engine from RX-7 FD with accessories and gearbox fitted.
Picture copied from website.
640x480, 79.6kB
Frontal view of stock (Euro specs) 1990 RX-7 FC Turbo II Convertible engine bay.
Picture copied from website.
640x480, 111.3kB
Frontal view of stock 1994 RX-7 FD engine bay.
800x528, 100kB
1982 Euro specs FB Rx-7 SDX with 252i race car in the background.
Mazda publicity picture found on website.
The same picture can also be found in the Dutch 1982 Rx-7 sales brochure.

separate page
Rx-7 factory race cars at the 1979 Daytona 24Hrs race, info and pictures.
Picture grabbed from video.
separate page
Some pictures and details of the actual RX-7 FD3S used in the movie 'The Fast and The Furious'.
Picture copied from (site no longer online).
828x676, 461kB
Dimensions of 1979 Rx-7 SA.
Scale drawing scanned from Autocar magazine issue 24 Nov 1979, pg 58.
More Mazda RX-7 pictures can be found on a separate page.

Mazda 767B
511x299, 35kB
Detail of vent on 767B door window.
Picture taken at the 2014 edition of Spa Classic by Rob de Bie ( ).
Mazda 787B
Two scans of a picture taken from a Dutch 1992 Mazda RX-7 sales brochure. My scanner software tried its best to remove both the printed moire effects and any composite weave patterns, trust me: the entire body and wing show these composite patterns.
1046x832, 142kB
3rd gen RX-7 running gear in front of a unpainted 787B with its covers and doors removed.
1822x834, 182kB
Enlarged view of the 787B, note the sprint-race wing end plates.
640x480, 80kB
Lefthand side of 26B engine on pedestal in front of newly restored 787B chassis nr.002.
Picture taken at the 4th edition of the Sevenstock rotary event (June 16, 2001) by Jaime V. ( , site is no longer online).
640x480, 62kB
Rear and righthand side of 26B engine on pedestal. The brown adjustable intake trumpets are hidden inside the air box when the engine is fitted to the car. The adjustable intake trumpets are fully retracted.
Picture taken at the 4th edition of the Sevenstock rotary event (June 16, 2001) by Jaime V. ( , site is no longer online).
640x526, 59.7kB
Front and lefthand side of 26B engine. Note that the adjustable intake trumpets are fully extended.
Mazda publicity picture, found on the Japanese Nostalgic Car blog.

Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona Competizione
The Italeri Daytona Competizione kit contains decals for #65 of the North American Racing Team (Chassis #16407). However the model looks more like chassis #15685. Unfortunately I don't have many good quality pictures of #15685.
The following pics appear in 'Ferrari Daytona Super Profile' by Nathan Beehl, ISBN 0-85429-535-6
581x360, 48kB
Chassis #15685 (Series 2) running #20 at Daytona 1973 (DNF)
587x200, 33kB
Chassis #14885 (Series 1) running #21 at Sebring 1972 (8th)
785x374, 72kB
Unmarked RHD Competizione showing off those wide Cromodora wheels (9in front, 11in rear)
The following pics appear in a special feature on Racing Daytona's in the french magazine Auto Passion nr.32 (Feb 1990), ISSN 0982-930 x
b/w 1.7kB
254x116, 8kB
Chassis #16407 (Series 3) at the 1974 24hrs du Mans (11th)
251x116, 8kB
Chassis #16407 at the Daytona 24hrs in 1978 (8th)
222x197, 9kB
Chassis #16407 at the Daytona 24hrs in 1979 (2nd)
319x217, 19kB
Chassis #16407 in the pits during the Daytona 24hrs in 1980 (14th)
322x190, 16kB
Chassis #16407 on a flat tire during the Daytona 24hrs in 1981 (DNF)
327x144, 17kB
Chassis #14141 ("Chinetti Special") on the starting grid of the 1973 24hrs du Mans (13th)
Note the wide Series 3 air box with additional side inlet.
337x281, 22kB
Chassis #15681 (Series 2, ran by Maranello Concessionaires) at the 1972 24hrs du Mans (DNF, engine failure)
Note the exhaust pipes and the early style fuel filler cap.
640x287, 54kB
Chassis #15681 together with three more Daytona's in the paddock at the 1972 24hrs du Mans. Note the side exhaust pipes, was this car really running with both side pipes and (disconnected) street exhaust pipes ??
The fourth Daytona in this picture is the blue street version in the righthand side of the picture.
685x276, 38kB
Chassis #15681 (JCB racing) in action at the 1973 4hrs du Mans sprint race (6th)
Some great detail pics of Ferrari Daytona Competizione chassis #15681 in its current state and of other race cars can be found on Tony's Race Car Walkarounds site.
The following pic was taken from the magazine Cavallino nr.59 (Oct/Nov 1990), ISSN 0889-2504
b/w 3kB
470x320, 48kB
Engine bay of Series 2 Daytona #15667 after restoration.
Note the air box curving over the top of the radiator.
Picture by Daniel Fayol.

600x399, 33kB
IMSA Jaguar XJR-12 in the paddock
Image found among the samples on Corel Draw 3.0 CD-ROM
Studio 27 recently released a decal set for this car (nr. ST27-DC213).
697x477, 81.3kB
Nissan 300ZX (Z32) Twin Turbo engine bay.
Note the pair of air tubes on either side of the radiator shroud. The inside pair connect the intercoolers to the intake plenum, the outside pair connect the turbos to the intercoolers, click here for a schematic.
The outside pair of tubes are missing from the 1/24 Tamiya 300ZX Twin Turbo kits engine details. Actually the tubes running from the air filter to the turbos are also missing from the kit but these are hidden from view by the other tubes.

Disclaimer: These pics are samples of often hard to find reference material. I've put these online to help fellow modelers, it is not my intention to infringe any copyrights.

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