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Here's a couple of pictures of my favourite aircraft models.
Most of these pictures were made with a digital camera. The oldest ones were made with a simple camera with a limited zoom capability so some of my models proved a bit too small for a clear and sharp picture, but most pictures capture the looks of the models well enough.

Recently I bought a new Nikon Coolpix and I'm now gradually replacing the old pics by new ones.
I feel I'm still at the steep end of the learning curve wrt taking pictures though (smilie) .
Anyway, see for yourself.
Each thumbnail picture loads a page with a description of the model(s) and one or more pictures.

1/72 Scale
I-16 Ishka (8.7kB)
Polikarpov I-16 type 17
F-16N (5.6kB)
F-16N Adversary
Alpha Jet (13.7kB)
Alpha Jet
Canberra B(I)8 (6.5kB)
Canberra B(I)8
1/144 Scale
A-10 (11.2kB)
YF-16 (7.8kB)
Jet Prototypes
32nd TFS (7.2kB)
32nd TFS Aircraft
Jaguar family (6.3kB)
Jaguars [update]
F-21 Kfir (13.9kB)
Harrier jet (12.1kB)
Harrier jets
Tornado Jet (6.4kB)
Tornado IDS [update]
tow tractor (7.5kB)
Tow Tractor
WW2 US Navy kits (6.9kB)
WW2 US Navy Aircraft
WW2 kits (8.3kB)
WW2 Aircraft
B-25 KNIL (8.5kB)
MiG-27 Almost Right (4.2kB)
the 'Almost Right' department

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