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This is an overview of my collection of miniature models of the Mazda Rx-7 and of other Mazda sports cars that came factory equipped with a rotary engine.

  1. RX-7 street version, plastic kits (update)
  2. RX-7 and related race cars, kits (update)
  3. Other Mazda rotary related plastic kits (update)

Most items in the lists point to a brief description of the model kit and a picture of the box art. Descriptions of kits that originate (for the most part) from the same patterns are listed on a single page.
The lists are not exhaustive, as new models keep surfacing (and I don't know everything). Apart from that, I limit the scope of my collection to plastic and resin model kits of those Mazda types that were exclusively equipped with a rotary engine (so I exclude types like R-100, Rx-2/3/4/5 which were in essence rotary equipped versions of cars that were also available with piston engines).
There are too many ready made die-cast models around for my taste to collect all of those too.
You can find a more complete overview of all Mazda miniature models on the home page of Geert-Jan de Vaal.

In case you are looking to buy RX-7 models, I've assembled the best online sources for models I know on the Finding and buying Rx-7 model kits online page (update).

If you plan to paint an RX-7 model in authentic factory colors, have a look at my RX-7 Color Overview.

Latest news about RX-7 model kits (update).

Small list of what RX-7 kit to get for certain features (update).

My favorite RX-7 model kits:
1a (SA)HasegawaAccurately and very well detailed, but kerbside
MonogramVery well detailed with full engine bay details
1b (FB)TamiyaThe only type FB kit
2a (FC)TamiyaLooks perfect and is very well detailed
2b (FC)AoshimaGreat new kit for a '90 or '91 Turbo II model
3a (FD)RossoNo engine bay, but otherwise very well detailed
3b (FD)AoshimaAt last Aoshima has added this model to its RX-7 line-up
3c (FD)AoshimaAoshima updated their RX-7 FD once more

RX-7 box art

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