Tamiya Mazda Savanna Rx-7 GT Limited

released in April 1986
rereleased in September 1999
rereleased in June 2011
rereleased in June 2018

box top (18KB)

This kit was rereleased in 1999 as cat. nr. 24060 by Tamiya's factory in the Philippines.
In 2011 this kit was part of a number of limited rereleases in a 'Tamiya Masterpiece Models' series, this was indicated by a round sticker on the box.
For the 2018 rerelease a small note was added to the box top: 'Kit depicts 1985 model year vehicle.'.

This Tamiya kit ties with it's topless sister for being the best detailed 1/24 RX-7 FC model available.
It depicts a 1985-1987 model Japanese Turbo II, which is a bit of a pity as it comes with the 5-spoke alloys that were fitted on GLX/GXL export models instead of the 10-spoke 16in disk wheels that were standard issue on all '87-'89 export Turbo II's.
Apart from that, it's a gem of a kit, the 13B engine is well-detailed as are the engine bay, suspension and floorpan.
The interior is very nice too, but you have to add pedals yourself and the door panels could do with a bit more detail as well.
Despite the optional lefthand drive parts, the kit is clearly based on a Japanese version, so it comes with rear seats, which is fine for European versions, but in the US rear seats were optional.
The front wheels are steering, the headlights can be flipped up and down and the sunroof slides open.
Body parts are molded in white, interior and chassis parts are molded in grey, wheels, intercooler and mirror faces are satin aluminum plated.

In 2018 'DiOlex Production' created a set of resin 10-spoke Turbo II wheels for this kit.

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