Monogram Mazda Rx-7

box top (15kB) If you are looking for a well detailed 1st generation Rx-7 model kit, this is the one to get.
The kit was originally released in 1979 but was rereleased in 1996 in Monogram's Selected Subjects Program, so it should still be fairly easy to find.

The Monogram kit offers a very well detailed cabin interior with a lefthand drive dashboard (one of only three LHD 1st gen. Rx-7 kits, the others being the Fujimi kit and the AMT snap kit).
The engine bay is also fully detailed and includes a beautiful little replica of the 12A rotary engine, the only 1/24 scale kit to do so.
Chassis and suspension details are also second to none.

All parts are molded in red, wheel faces and various small parts are brightly plated and tires are made of black vinyl.
Decals offer not only license plates and decorative striping but also some accurate details such as the factory decal on the air cleaner cannister.

Revell Mazda RX-7  2 'n 1

released in April 2017

box top (17.6kB) Another Selected Subjects Program release, this time the Monogram kit comes in a Revell box.
The "2 'n 1" on the box refers to the fact that all parts for the former Monogram Rx-7 CAFE racer kit are also included.
The added racer parts include a Mazdaspeed aerokit (fender flares, airdam and rear spoiler), rollbar, racing seats, 'Speed Star Mk.III' wheel faces, wider bushes to increase the track width and a racing air filter under the hood. Since any of these parts can simply be added to the street car, this kit allows for a range of custom versions to be created.

The new kit decals offer not only a choice of license plates but also include those hard-to-replicate cloth patterns for the seats and accurate details such as all exterior badges and the factory decals on the air cleaner cannister for the street version.
Note that the 'Rotary engine' badge (decal nr.5) was only applied to US-specs versions.
For the racer the decals offer red stripes, race numbers and sponsor decals for a white #7 car which I have yet to identify.

Also note that there is an error on the decal sheet: the decals for the instrument cluster (decals nrs. 13 and 14) both are black/white renditions of a 1982 (P815) cluster, which differs quite a bit from a 1979/1980 cluster. The engraved instruments on the dashboard are correct.

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