Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
03708Savanna Rx-7 Silhouette Racing Gr.51/201aRi,e,(m,lf)R
3G-63Savanna RX-7 Silhouette Racer1/241aRm,lfR
SR-08Savanna RX-7 Rotary Racing1/241aRm,lfR
035009Savanna Rx-7 Daytona 24 hours1/241aRiR
052297Savanna Rx-7 Daytona '791/241aRiR
035764Savanna Rx-7 IMSA Daytona 24 hours1/241aRiR
037683Racing Beat FC3S RX-7 Bonneville, S Package Ver. R1/242ai,cL,R
037041Team Samurai Project FC3S RX-7 2006~, D1 Grand Prix1/242bi,cR
037058HPI FC3S RX-7 2005, D1 Grand Prix1/242bi,cR
033784RX-7 FD3S A'pex D1 Project, S Package1/243ci,cR
034187RX-7 FD3S A'pex D1 Project, D1 Grand Prix1/243ci,cR
035139RX-7 Panspeed Asamoto FD3S, D1 Grand Prix1/243ci,cR
037935RE Amemiya GReddy D1 7 2005 Ver, D1 Grand Prix1/243ci,cR
037942RE Amemiya GReddy D1 7 2004 Ver, D1 Grand Prix1/243ci,cR
Other Types
3G-71March '75S/Rotary1/24Rm,iR

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
A273Nikon Mazda 7371/24RmL
A713Mazda 757C1/24Ri,cL

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
SM-07Mazda RX-7 Racing1/241aRi,m,lf,lrR
ID-01Mazda RX-7 Racing1/241aRi,(m,lr)R
06232Mazda Savanna RX-7 Racing SA22C1/241aRi,(m,lr)R
038773Mazda Savanna RX-7 Racing SA22C1/241aRi,(m,lr)R

Gunze Sangyo
Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
G-113Mazda Savanna RX-71/241aRi,m,(lf,lr)R
G-122Mazda RX-7 Savanna1/241aRi,(m,lf,lr)R
G-137Mazda RX-7 Savanna1/241aRi,(m,lf,lr)R

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
ZZ3Enfini RX-7 Type X1/123a(R)i,e,c,xm,xcR
HR-3Mazda Cosmo Sport '1968 Marathon de la Route'1/24Ri,c,xdR
CC-18Mazda 767B Charge1/24Ri,cL
20312Mazda 767B Charge1/24Ri,cL
CC-20Mazda 767B Finish Line1/24Ri,cL
20325Mazda 767B Finish Line1/24Ri,cL
SP-60Mazda 767B NWB1/24Ri,cL
SP-88Mazda 767B Playsure1/24Ri,cL
20359Mazda 767B Playsure1/24Ri,cL

Monogram / Revell USA
Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
2277Mazda RX-7 CAFE racer1/241aRi,e,cL
85-4429Mazda RX-7 2 'n 11/241a(R)i,e,cL

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
24112Mazda 787B '91 LeMans Winner1/24Ri,e,cL
24326Mazda 787B 'No.18 Le Mans 24 Hours 1991'1/24Ri,e,cL

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
351Racing Mazda RX-71/241aRi,(m,lr)R

Cat.Nr. Manufacturer Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
B-675ImaiMazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/241aRiR
529934ImaiSavanna Rx-7 Racing1/241aRiR
C521LSRx-7 Racing Rotary Silhouette1/241aRi,mR
C712LSRx-7 Group 5 Machine1/241aRi,(m)R
8131USAirfixMazda RX-71/241aRi,(m,lf,lr)R
TK-8822Blue TankMazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/281aRi,mR
HR-8822HRMazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/281aRi,mR
14058NittoMazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/281aRi,mR
KT-100KawaiMazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/381aRi,mR
Other Types
TK-8809Blue TankShiden RE13B-781/28Ri,mR
667NittoShiden RE13B-781/28Ri,mR
055MCMitsuwaCharge Mazda 787B--Rm-
056MCMitsuwaDaytona Mazda 767B--Rm-
ST27-FP24209Studio 27Mazda 767B Upgrade Parts [new]1/24Rxp-
24125Acu-StionMazda 787B Mechanical Parts Set1/24Rxp-
HD02-0237Hobby DesignMazda 787B Detail Up Set1/24Rxc,xp-
HD03-0260Hobby DesignMazda 787B Wheels Hex Nuts Set1/24Rxr-
G017Modeler'sMazda 787B Upgrade Set1/24Rxp-
SKU 8115Scale MotorsportMazda 787B Renown1/24Rxp-
ST27-FP2413Studio 27Mazda 787B Upgrade Set1/24Rxp-
ST27-FP2413RStudio 27Mazda 787B Upgrade Set1/24Rxp-
TD23123Top StudioMazda 787B Wheels Set1/24Rxp-
HD04-0081Hobby DesignMazda 787B Charge Nr.202 JSPC 19911/24R--
HD04-0082Hobby DesignMazda 787B Charge Nr.55 Le Mans 19911/24R--
MSMD175MSM CreationMazda 787B 1991 Le mans Winner1/24R--
DC31 Museum Collection Charge Mazda 767B 89 Du Mans1/24R--
DC32 Museum Collection Charge Mazda 787B 91 Du Mans1/24R--
MC-D072 Museum Collection Charge Mazda 787B 91 Du Mans Decal & Seat Belt Set1/24Rxp-
SKU 7115Scale MotorsportMazda 787B Composite Print Template Decals1/24R--
SHK-D301Shunko ModelsFinish Line Mazda 767B 1989 Le Mans1/24R--
SHK-D304Shunko ModelsCharge Mazda 767B 1989 Le Mans1/24R--
SHK-D305Shunko ModelsNWB Mazda 767B 1991 JSPC1/24R--
SHK-D306Shunko ModelsNWB Mazda 767B 1992 JSPC1/24R--
SHK-D350Shunko ModelsCharge Mazda 767B 1990 Le Mans1/24R--
ST27-DC1218Studio 27Mazda 767B #202 'Charge' 19891/24R--
ST27-DC209Studio 27Mazda 787 'Art Sports' Le Mans 19901/24R--
ST27-DC210Studio 27Mazda 787+787B 'Mazda' Le Mans 19911/24R--
ST27-DC216Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Enfini' JSPC 19911/24R--
ST27-DC228Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Renown' JSPC 19911/24R--
ST27-DC959Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Charge' #55 Le Mans 19911/24R--
ST27-DC960Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Charge' #202 JSPC 19911/24R--
ST27-DC961Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Charge' #201 JSPC 19911/24R--
ST27-CD24026Studio 27Mazda 787B Carbon Decal1/24R--
SDF2464Studio 27Mazda 757 'Lucky Strike' Le Mans 19861/24R--
SDF2465Studio 27Mazda 757 'Mazda' Le Mans 19871/24R--
ST27-DC760CStudio 27Mazda RX-8 'SpeedSource' #69 2008 Daytona 24h1/24R--
ST27-DC761CStudio 27Mazda RX-8 'SpeedSource' #70 2008 Daytona 24h GT-Class Winner1/24R--

Key to tables
1a'78-'80 (SA)iinteriorLLeft Hand Drive
1b'81-'83 (FB)eengine bayRRight Hand Drive (Japan,UK,...)
1c'84-'85 (FB)cchassis/suspension
melectric motor
2a'86-'89 (FC)lfelectric head lights
2b'90-'91 (FC)lrelectric tail lights
2c'91 Infini IV (FC)xpetched metal details
xccast metal details
3a'92-'95 (FD)xrresin details
3b'96-'98 (FD)( )requires parts not included in kit
3c'99-2002 (FD)[new]recently added to this site (i.e. not always a new release !)
..Rrace car[update]info was recently updated

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