Mazda Rx-7 Kits, where to find 'm

There were a lot of Rx-7 kits made over the years, some are re-released and new ones or new versions of familiar kits keep surfacing.
I've had quite a number of questions about where to find particular kits, enough to dedicate a web page to this subject.
Note that availablity is always changing, I'm trying to keep up, but if you find some of the info listed here no longer correct, or have additional info, please drop me a line .

Japanese Shops

Where better to look for the latest Japanese kits than in Japan ?
Unfortunately Rainbow 10, my favorite Japanese model shop, has stopped handling foreign orders.
That leaves two Japanese-based online shops I know of that deal with foreign orders, Hobby Link Japan and Hobby Search.

Hobby Link Japan
is a web-based model shop, they don't have all of the kits listed actually in stock, their catalog lists all kits that manufacturers can supply, the lists include a Stock Status indicating if a kit is in stock or if it is no longer available.
The links below launch searches through HLJ's online catalog for any RX-7 or Mazda kits.

 Search HLJ for RX-7  Search HLJ for Mazda

Hobby Search
is a web based shop that lists all available kits on its site, color codes indicate whether kits are in stock and if these can be ordered or reserved.
The links below launch searches through Hobby Search online catalog for any RX-7 or Mazda kits.

Search Hobby Search for RX-7 Search Hobby Search for Mazda

Asian Shops

Japan is not the only place to get Japanese kits, in other asian countries such as Hong Kong, Japanese goods can be found, often even after the Japanese shops have depleted their stocks.

Toy East (formerly Hobby Japan 2000)
This shop only sells a few model kits, but is a great source for die cast models such as Tomica, Diapet and MTech, for small radio controlled cars and for documentation such as Option or Best Motoring Video CD's.

North American Shops

For american kits like Revell-Monogram, it's best to check US based mail order shops first. I have good experiences with the following shops:

Hobby Surplus Sales
US mail order shop, their model kits department has moved to website Discount Plastic Models.
Sells a lot of discounted kits of US manufacture (Revell-Monogram, ERTL, AMT), often stock kits that are out of production.

European Shops

The following shops are not just for buying model kits of European manufacture, but if you live in Europe Far-Eastern products might also be bought cheaper overall (no additional import duties) at these shops.
I have good experiences with the following shops:

I don't know why it took me so long to check out this British webshop. The shop is specialized in model cars and bikes and offers a staggering selection of aftermarket sets (upgrade sets, decals, transkits, paints).

This Spanish based webshop offers a vast selection of model car kits and related products, with an emphasis on race cars and (hard to find) upgrade parts. Shipping is fast at reasonable costs and goods are very well packaged.

Search SpotModel for Mazda

Domino Modelshop
This is an actual hobby shop based in Belgium. It carries a wide range of car models (plastic kits, resin kits and die casts).

Tom's Modelauto's
This is an actual model car shop based in Holland. It carries a wide range of car models (mostly die casts but also kits and accessories).

The Toyman
This is a webshop but a Toyman sales booth can often be found at car related events in Holland and Belgium such as NAMAC Beurs and Euro Scale Modelling. Specializes in US model car kits, often stocks kits that are hard to find elsewhere in Europe.

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