Aoshima Enfini RX-7

Kit Nr. 87, Red Body

released in 1992

box top (9KB) A very fine effort by Aoshima. This kit is a kerbside model of an Enfini RX-7 Type R. It comes with well detailed cockpit interior and chassis, almost as good as and in some places (instrument console, Powerplant Frame) even better than the Rosso kits. Although the body shell is molded in red, the rear spoiler and the door mirrors are molded in black, so be sure to use a good primer before painting. The kit comes with delicate stainless steel Enfini badges for the body. Revell Europe did a rebox of this kit without the steel badges.

Kit Nr. 87B, Black Body

released in 1992

box top (11kB) The exact same kit as the red bodied Enfini, but this time the body is molded in black.

Kit Nr. 97, Mazda RX-7 R1

box top (16kB) The same kit as the red bodied Enfini RX-7 again, but this time it comes with an extra set of parts offering a left hand drive dashboard, a new set of door panels (only the passenger door has a grip) a new set of wipers and a steering wheel equipped with airbag. The metal badges have Mazda emblems instead of the Enfini ones and also offer inserts for the wheel centers.

This kit was made exclusively for the USA.

Enfini RX-7 1991, Best Car GT series Nr. 36

released in Oct 2010
rereleased in June 2013

box top (18.6kB) Aoshima came full circle with this release, the box does not mention it but the kit still represents a Type R with full aerokit.
As the base RX-7 FD kit has been modified several times over the past 18 years, this release differs slightly from the original release.
The differences are:

As with the original release, the tires are Bridgestone Expedia S-07.
Body and front bumper molded in white; aerokit parts, interior and chassis parts molded in black; wheels, exhaust tips and door mirror faces are satin aluminum plated.

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