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CG Cally ID picture

Last months most popular Action Figure picture on this site

Jessica and Sylvia

CG Jessica and Sylvia ready for a party

Last months most popular Action Figure page on this site

Abigail Whistler
Abigail Whistler

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Mar  1, 2018Action Figure related LinksChanged link for Triad Toys to their eBay shop.
Feb  7, 2018Various PagesFixed some links on Rerooting Hair and Spares-box Sweethearts pages.
Dec  2, 2017this pageMoved change-log and stats for 2016 to separate page.
Aug 21, 2017Favorite CG PicsAdded link to close up of Kathy.
Jul  3, 2017Thoughts and TriviaAdded note about creating older change-logs and stats pages
Jun 24, 2017this pagePut older change-logs and stats on separate pages.
Jun  6, 2017Various PagesAdded thumbnail panel and some new pictures to Pictures of Claudia, Pictures of Evelyn, Midori, Harley and Evie pages.
Jun  4, 2017ClaudiaSome minor changes to layout and text.
May 17, 2017JessicaAdded new picture to the thumbnail picture panel.
Mar 14, 2017Abigail WhistlerAdded animated gif showing how to assemble the belt buckle
Mar  8, 2017LizAdded new picture to the thumbnail pictures
Mar  3, 2017Favorite CG PicsAdded new pictures and a new page.
Feb  3, 2017Desk lampAdded new pictures and description of how to create swivel joint.
Jan 27, 2017Various PagesAdded new picture to the thumbnail pictures of Jessica and Sylvia; Replaced picture on Desk lamp page; Linked larger pictures to clickable pics on 1/6 Scale Action Figures page.
Jan 11, 2017CG Accessories and ClothesAdded new Desk lamp page

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