Cy Girl Repairs and Enhancements

CG body

Replacing hair

Repainting a face
Removing a ZC neck post from a head

Adapting a LM neckpost to a CG head

Adapting a Dragon neck to a CG head

Adapting a CG neck to a Barbie head
Trimming TTL elbow bulges

making a replacement arm
Repairing a broken waist joint

Improving the shape of a TTL lower body

Repairing a hip joint
Upgrading hands to v1.5 wrists

Manicure Cy Girl Style
Repairing broken knee joints

Firming up floppy CG knees
Repairing a broken ankle cup post

Making a replacement ankle cup

Repairing broken ankle pegs

Firming up loose CG ankles
Fixing wobbly feet and wobbly ZC sneakers

Improving the shape of stiletto boot feet

Fitting magnets to boot feet

Converting LM feet to fit Alpha ankles

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face and hair neck elbows elbows waist hand and wrist hand and wrist knee joint knee joint ankle peg ankle cup feet