Head sculpt codes

Several manufacturers put codes on doll heads for identification purposes.
This page lists all Cy Girl and Barbie head sculpt codes I know of.

Cy Girl/Cool Girl heads

sculpt code on CG head (24.9kB) With CG heads there is a code molded in the nap of the neck, usually just above the hairline.
Some of the names of the figures are linked to pages on my site.

Figure nr.Figure name
(CyGirl / CoolGirl)
Sculpt code
CG-01Sky / IceCG01
CG-02Kat / AshCG01
CG-03Jet / RavenCG01
CG-04Blaze / FlameCG02
CG-05A.J. McLeod / LightningCG02
CG-06Shadow / AskaCG02
CG-07Nikki / HarleyCG05
CG-08Ebony / CoffyCG03
CG-09Aurora / ArtemisCG06
CG-10Destiny / FlameCG02
CG-11Ray / RevengerCG09
CG-12Electra / RubyCG10
79222CG-13 V.I.S. Eris
XX-01XIXOX Bloody Rose
Akiko FujiCG12
54598Annu YuriCG13
52602Cutey HoneyCG04
Jun ShiratoriCG04
54599Ice v2CG14
Ice v2 SECG14
54600Aska v2CG15
54597Midori WashioCG17
66364Midori (german gray)CG17
75219Midori (matt black)CG17
CG-EX3Ash v2CG01
CG-EX4Cutey Honey v2CG04
68185Cutey Honey v2 (Alt. Ver.)CG04
CG-EX5Jun Shiratori v2CG04
68184Jun Shiratori v2 (Dark Ver.)CG04
68190Honey Kisaragi v2CG04
CG-EX7Harley v2CG05
CG-EX12Ruby v2CG10
66347Cat WomanCG18
31244Cat Woman (Comic Ver.)CG18
31176Dio MiyazawaCG14
31177Dissectionz Vol.1
31184Doronjo YattermanCG10
33001Asuka Langley
34074Misato Katsuragi
64827Motoko Kusanagi
64934Motoko Kusanagi (Ninja Suit)
78996Deunan Knute

Barbie heads

sculpt code on Barbie head (12.2kB) With Barbie heads there is a code molded on the back of the head, hidden underneath the hair. Some of these codes are handwritten and rather large (as on the picture), some are printed and can be quite small.
There often is another code molded on the top of the head, this looks like some production code as it appears to differ between batches of the same head.
Then there is also the copyright notice molded on the back edge of the neck.

Some codes of familiar heads on more recent dolls appear to have a revision code added ("-1").
Also interesting is the new code for the "modified Carnaval" head, apparently Mattel considers this a new sculpt rather than a revision of the earlier Carnaval sculpt.

This list of codes is still very incomplete as trying to find a code will mess up the hairdo and on top of that older Barbie heads and those of Collectors Barbies are more densely rooted, which makes finding and reading a code even harder.
I've added the copyright year as molded on the edge of the neck and catalog numbers of the dolls I have checked. Some of the catalog numbers are linked to my B-Girls pages or to a picture.
The face names are linked to illustrated discriptions on Kattis Dolls site, the best online reference for Barbie dolls.

Face namecopyright year Sculpt code Doll(s) checked
Mackie199124740(loose head)
Ana / Lara199820969L9640
Goddess (2016)1998H0922-1FJF41
Kayla / Lea2000B5811DTF07
Desiree (2016)2001H0923-1(loose head)
Fashion Fever Barbie2005J1361L6715, N4758
(Dreamhouse) Skipper2010T7425CLN69, FHP62
 Fashionistas, closed mouth (2016) 2010V9502-1DTF04, DMP25
Carnaval, modified2010W2899DVX75
Summer2011X2276CLN62, DVX74
Teresa / Neysa2014PY249-1DVX72, DYY99
Kim2014CLN65DGY65, DYY89
Fashionistas Smiley (curvy)2015DMF32-1(loose head)
Millie, closed mouth2015DVX71DVX71
Millie, collectors version2015DGY07(loose head)

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