My Favorite CG Pictures

Best part of the hobby is taking pictures of my Girls, here are a few of my favorite pics.
In particular with the first four pics I just have to remind myself that these Girls are only 28cm tall :-) .

My favorite pic of Nicky
Nicky on a warm summer day. Sep 19, 2005
My favorite pic by far.
I did not even need to adjust her pose for this pic, she was already standing looking like this.
All I had to do was get the lighting right and capture her lovely looks in a picture.

Melody. Mar 16, 2009
I love girls wearing sweaters, Melody shows perfectly how attractive a girl in a sweater can look.
Some girls look better when lit from the left, others like Melody look better when lit from the right.
I had to make a special setup to get the sunlight to light her righthand side, it was well worth it though.

Kathy. Sep 16, 2007
With her flaming red hair, big red lips and an enticing look in her eyes, there's nothing subtle about Kathy so I put her in a black PVC catsuit.
The catsuit was a bit tight and the zipper couldn't go any further up, so I posed her as if she was pulling the zipper down.

Abigail Whistler. Apr 30, 2011
I already knew this Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece figure was well detailed, but the images I took revealed a level of detail that made my jaw drop.

Nicky holding her bear
Nicky holding her teddy bear. Apr 6, 2009
Nicky and her teddy bear are a great match.
She had been wearing a coat during the winter with her hair carefully tucked in her coat. This left a slight curve in her straight hair, making her look even more lovely.

Margiana. Dec 19, 2009
Finding her a necklace gave me a great excuse to shoot some more pics, the low angle of the mid-December sun helped to light up her sweet smile.

Claudia looking confident. May 10, 2009
This pose happened by coincidence: I had made some improvements to her arm, put her sweater back on and propped her up against the pc on my desk. When I looked at her again I noticed her cool posture and confident smile so I grabbed my camera and took a picture.

Claudia modelling some pleather shorts I made. Sep 22, 2010
The light hit her just right, making her look like she's really enjoying the photo shoot.
She holds her arms out just to stay balanced, but it makes her pose look like she is turning around.

Andrea talking to her bear
Andrea talking to her bear. Feb 15, 2010
Her face looks like she is chatting, so I got her a cute little bear to talk to.
This pose takes advantage of the greater range of her double jointed neck, she can look down even when leaning backwards.

Sylvia. Jan 6, 2014
With her lovely face and her gorgeous figure Sylvia represents the best of both Barbie and CG.

Wendy. Aug 25, 2009
Wendy has a different expression on her face compared to the other Cutey Honeys, she often appears to have a shy or dreamy or even a bit reluctant look on her face.

Kim. Mar 4, 2009
Looking gorgeous, classy and a bit business-like all at the same time.

Kim. Sep 16, 2007
I think Kim looks great in any type of clothing, this picture helps to prove my point :-).

CG Jessica
Jessica. Aug 29, 2011
There is something irresistibly cute and gorgeous about Jessica, I managed to capture some of it in this picture.

Emma. Sep 25, 2010
When I painted her face I wanted to give Emma a cute expression so I went for a puppy dog eyes look.

Liz. July 20, 2012
Liz smiling her sweetest smile.

Vera. July 22, 2014
It took me a while to get Vera to look good on pictures, in bright daylight the paleness of her face is just too noticeable but with less light the expression on her face differs too much from what she looks like in real life. With the pictures in this set I finally found a nice balance.

More Favorite CG Pics

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